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You’re able to link your email service provider to Payhip so that, when your products are purchased, the customer will automatically be added to one of your mailing lists.

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Link your email service provider

To do this, select Marketing from the top menu and go to the Mailing Lists tab. Then click the Set Up Mailing Lists button.

The Setup Mailing Lists button on Payhip

This will bring up a modal where you’ll be able to select your email service provider from the list. Here’s what to do next for each provider on the list:

Important note: MailerLite accounts created before March 22, 2022, must use the " MailerLite Classic" option. While MailerLite accounts created after March 22nd, 2022, use the "MailerLite" option.

More on that here: MailerLite vs. MailerLite Classic

After pasting in the required details, hit the Save Details button.

A screenshot showing the linked mailing lists on Payhip

You’ll then see your email service provider and mailing lists listed.

Link your products to mailing lists

When creating or editing a product, under Advanced Options you’ll see the option to “Automatically subscribe customers to mailing list”. Select this checkbox and a dropdown menu will appear where you can link the product with a specific mailing list.

A screenshot showing linking a product to a mailing list on Payhip

Once you’ve done this, be sure to hit the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.

When a customer buys this product, they’ll now be automatically added to your chosen mailing list.

We push new subscribers to the email service provider every 10 minutes.

Help! A customer wasn't added to my mailing list

If you're not seeing a customer on your mailing list, then it's worth checking to see if they're based in the EU. In order to comply with GDPR, we have to display a checkbox to customers based in the EU that says "Send me product updates and offers via email". If the customer doesn't select this checkbox at checkout then they won't be added to your mailing list.

A screenshot showing the GDPR checkbox at checkout on Payhip

My email service provider isn't currently supported

Not seeing your email service provider in our list? Not to worry! You most likely can integrate it via Zapier. Just search for your app of choice here:

Here's a couple of examples:

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