Zapier is a platform that allows you to integrate two apps that don't have a direct integration, no coding required. If you're looking to connect Payhip to something that we don't have an integration with just yet, the chances are you can do it with Zapier ⚡️

Just search for your app of choice here:

How Zapier works

In Zapier you create "zaps" (or, automations) based on "triggers" and "actions". The trigger is the event that occurs in the first app and starts the process, while the action is what happens in the second app as a result of the trigger.

For example, every time somebody buys one of your products they could be added to a specific mailing list in Flodesk. Here's what that looks like:

Supported triggers

In Payhip, you can create a zap based on the following triggers:

  • New Sale: When your digital or physical product is purchased or downloaded for free.
  • Sale Refund: When a paid transaction has been refunded.
  • New Membership Subscription: When a new member / subscriber joins your membership / subscription product.
  • Cancel Membership Subscription: When a member / subscriber has cancelled.
  • New Product: When a new product is added to your Payhip account.

We don't support actions in Payhip at this point in time.

Supported apps

Zapier supports over 5,000+ apps that you can connect Payhip to.

Here are just some of the integrations that are possible:

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