Add Digital Products

To get started with adding digital products, firstly visit your Products page and click on the Add new product button.

Then select the Digital Product option.

The "Add New Product" screen on Payhip

First start by uploading the files for your product using the “Upload product file” button. You can add multiple files here and they can be of any type – ebook, audio, video, PDF or any other file format. Note that there is a size limit of 5GB per file for files uploaded here.

The first part of the "Add new digital product" screen on Payhip

Next, add the title for your product along with your chosen price.

You can also add cover images for your product. This is what will show to your store visitors when they're on the product page. You can use audio or video files too by clicking on the Embed audio/video link and pasting in a link to YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud.

Finally, add your product description - use it as an opportunity to really sell the benefits of your product.

Adding a title, price, cover image, and description to your digital product on Payhip

Pay What You Want pricing

Adding “+” to the end of your product price will implement Pay What You Want pricing. For example, if you type “0+” in the price field, this means that your customers can choose any price at all (including free) to pay for your product. If you type “5+”, this means that your customers must pay $5 as a minimum but have the choice to pay more above that figure.

Product visibility

There are 3 product visibility options available. If you want the product to be shown to everyone on the web then click on the "Visible" option. If you're not ready to show your work to the world, then you can choose on the "Invisible" option - nobody but you will be able to see the product.

There's a middle ground between Visible and Invisible that's called "Unlisted". In this case the product is only shown to people who know the direct link to your product page. The product is not listed anywhere on your store and search engines will not be able to find this product page either. This option can be useful if, for example, you want to offer a one-time personalized product to a specific customer. Just send the product link to the people who should have access, and no one else will know of it.

The visibility settings for a digital product on Payhip

Advanced options

Clicking on Advanced options gives you a number of additional options.

Here’s what they mean:

This product is tax exempt – If you select this checkbox, then sales tax will not be applied for this product.

Product is an ebook – This is there because digital EU VAT for ebooks can be applied at a reduced rate in some countries. If your product is an ebook, check this box to give your customers in those countries the benefit.

Upload a preview file for your customers – This allows you to upload a preview file for your product, which will enable your customers to see a sample before purchasing. Use this as a teaser to gain the customer’s interest so that they’re more likely to go on to buy.

Limit the number of times this product can be sold – Here you can limit the number of times that your product can be downloaded. For example, if you only want 500 copies of your product to be available for purchase, type “500” in here.

Automatically subscribe customers to mailing list – Checking this box will mean that anybody who buys your product will automatically be added to your mailing list. First you will need to make sure that you’ve connected your email marketing provider to Payhip.

Generate unique license keys for each sale – This is an option for if the product you’re selling is software. Check this box and a unique license key will be generated for each sale.

What the customer sees

Here's a quick video of what the customer will see during the download process for a free product:

If you want to test out the checkout flow for yourself, you can create a coupon code for 100% off the price of the product and use that to run through the checkout flow yourself. More on that here. Please note that any test orders will be displayed on your Customers page and cannot be deleted at this point.

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