Add Course Products

Creating a Course

Visit your Products page and click on the Add new product button - you'll see a number of options, click on the Course box 

Next you'll be asked to choose a title for your course, fill it in then click on the Add Course button

This will take you to the  Curriculum tab where you can start adding sections and lessons for your course

Sections let you group multiple lessons together so that your students can easily navigate through your course. We support 7 types of lessons:

Course Player

Let's assume you've finished adding all the sections and lessons for your course. What do students see? Click on the Preview button and you'll be able to see the course players your students will have access to. Here's an example below:


You can customise the course player to match your own branding. To do this, go back to your manage course product page, then click on the Settings tab and finally click on the Course player settings tab.

From here you'll be able to edit the colors and fonts used on the course player, as well as upload your own logo.

However you'll also likely want to customise the Student Dashboard page which shows students a list of all their courses. To do this, go to the preview course player page then click on the Back to Dashboard link. Next you'll see a blue gear icon on the bottom-left of the page - you can edit the page from there.


You can add as many pricing plans for your course as you'd like. Accept one-time payments, recurring subscription payments or specify the number of months you'd like customers to be charged. Alternatively you can create an entirely free pricing plan. To get started with adding pricing plans for your course, visit your manage course product page then click on the Pricing tab.


Editing Sales Page

Even though you've added the course product now, you still need to customise the sales page - this page is the face of your course and so needs to explain to people why they should enroll and what they can expect.

To edit your course sales page, please visit your manage course product page then click on the Pages tab. Then under the Sales Page section click on the Edit button.


Publishing Your Course

If you're ready to publish your course, click on the Publish tab shown on the top black bar of your manage course product page.

Next you'll see a number of publishing options:

  • Draft
  • Preorder
  • Published

Click on the right option for you then save your changes.


Editing Checkout Page

Before we dive into editing a checkout page, it's important to note that your customers won't be able to see your checkout pages while the course is still in Draft mode.

You can customise the checkout page with your logo. For full control over the layout you can provide your own CSS to be used on the checkout page.

How do you customise the checkout page for your course product? You'll need to be logged into your seller account, and then visit one of your checkout pages for a course product. On the bottom right of the screen you'll notice a green gear icon. Click this icon to customise the page with your logo and custom CSS.


Editing Thank You Page

The thank-you page is the page that your students are taken to after they have successfully purchased on the checkout page.

To edit the thank-you page, visit your manage course product page, click on the Pages link and then click on the Edit button in the thank-you page section. You'll be taken to the store builder for the thank-you page and will be able to fully customise the page with many types of sections like text, image, slideshow, video, etc...

It's important to note though, that the first thing a student will want to do when they've purchased is login to their account. So your thank-you page must show a prominent Log In button.

What's Next?

There's a lot more under the hood which we'll hopefully be covering in future. For now would recommend checking out these articles:

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