Add an Assignment Lesson


Assignment lessons let your students submit documents for you to download. For example, you may expect students to submit an essay related to your course. You can review any documents submitted by your students and approve or reject them.

How To Add An Assignment Lesson

  • Visit the manage course product page
  • Click on the Add new lesson link
  • Choose a title for your lesson
  • Click on the lesson so you get taken to the edit lesson page
  • Under the Select lesson type field click on the Assignment option
  • You can then write a description explaining what's expected in this assignment as well as include a template file - for example if students need to access to a file to help with their assignment

Approving/Rejecting Assignments

Visit your Students page, then click on Assignments button on the left hand side. You'll then be taken to your assignments page where you can review all the documents that have been submitted. Approve or reject files from here. However we recommend you only download files from people you trust.

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