Course Free Preview Lessons


It's usually a good idea to give prospective students access to a few free course lessons so that they can get a sense of what to expect if they purchase the full course. Free preview lessons help with setting it up.

How To Add Free Preview Lessons

  • Visit the manage course product page
  • Click on one of the lessons listed in your curriculum
  • On the edit lesson page, scroll down to the Lesson settings area
  • Click on the Make this a free preview lesson checkbox
  • Finally save the changes and it's all done

How Your Course Sales Page Will Look

By default, your course sales page comes with a curriculum section which lists all the lessons you've published for the course - and will be available to them if they purchase. Next to each lesson which you've enabled free previews for, people will see a Free Preview badge which they can click to access these lessons without paying.

They'll be taken to the checkout page where they simply need to provide a few details to create their free preview account.

What Students See On Dashboard

The student dashboard page lists all the courses they have access to. If a student has a free preview account for a course, then a "Free Preview" badge will be shown there to indicate they don't yet have access to the full course.

What Students See On Course Player

Students with a free preview account will be able to access lessons which you've marked as free without any issues. However if they try to view a lesson which is paid, they'll see a notification prompting them to purchase the full course.

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