Add a Quiz Lesson


To test and measure the understanding your students have had of your course you can use quiz lessons.  Being tested immediately after learning some new concepts has been proven to improve memory retention. 

How To Add A Quiz Lesson

  • Visit the manage course product page
  • Click on the Add new lesson link
  • Choose a title for your lesson
  • Click on the lesson so you get taken to the edit lesson page
  • Under the Select lesson type field click on the Quiz option
  • You can now add both multiple-choice and single-choice questions to your quiz

Additional Settings

With each quiz question, you can include an Explanation. After a student has submitted their response, the explanation will be shown alongside a message informing them if they've chosen the correct or incorrect answer.

However under the Lesson settings section, if you've selected Quiz needs a passing grade then explanations will only be shown to students after they've submitted all their responses to the quiz.

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