Add a Survey Lesson


Survey lessons let you ask your students a wide variety of questions. For example you might be wondering what they think of your course, and want some extra feedback. Survey lessons are a great way to learn key insights from your students.

How To Add A Survey Lesson

  • Visit the manage course product page
  • Click on the Add new lesson link
  • Choose a title for your lesson
  • Click on the lesson so you get taken to the edit lesson page
  • Under the Select lesson type field click on the Survey option
  • You can then start to add your survey questions

Types Of Questions

Here are the types of questions you can include in survey lessons:

  • Textarea - Ask your student open ended questions with the textarea question type. They'll be able to respond with text in their own words.
  • One answer - Give your students a list of choices, and they can only choose one option
  • Multiple answers - Give your students a list of choices, and they can choose one or more options
  • Rating - Your students can select a single rating when shown a series of stars. For example you may want them to rate your course.
  • Scale - A list of options is shown to your students, and they can only select one. Labels can be added to the left and right side of the options to illustrate the scale.
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