Advanced Settings

Under “Advanced Settings” in your admin dashboard you have a number of additional settings that you can configure for your Payhip account.

Here’s what they mean:

Protect your PDF files – This is a setting that you can enable to protect your content from piracy. Each page of your PDF will be stamped with the customer’s email address and their date of purchase. More on that here

Email Notifications – Here you can switch on/off email notifications for each time one of your products is sold.

Inventory Notifications – Select this checkbox to be notified when your inventory number for a physical product falls below a certain number.

Download Limit – Limit the number of times each customer can download your products. Another way to protect your content from piracy. More on that here

Google Analytics – Enter your Google Analytics ID here for page view and e-commerce tracking. More on that here

Facebook Pixel – Enter your Facebook pixel ID here to track how your Facebook ads are performing. More on that here

Store Units – Choose whether you’d like to use imperial or metric units for the weight of your physical products

Redirect customers to a particular webpage when they successfully complete the checkoutMore on that here

Display your own questions for customers to answer during checkoutMore on that here

Email Receipt – Add a custom message to the email receipts that your customers receive. More on that here

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