Custom Checkout Questions

We collect the bare minimum information from your customers during the checkout process (for digital products, that's the email address only). This is great for conversion - the less hurdles customers face during checkout, the better for your conversion rate.

However, in some cases you may need to ask your customers some specific questions during their checkout. For example, you may need them to consent to your own terms of service or have other questions to ask. This is where custom checkout questions are a perfect fit.

You should only set up custom checkout questions if you absolutely need to - unnecessary questions may annoy your customers and result in fewer sales.

In this article:

How do I set up custom checkout questions?


Please visit your Settings page, click on the Advanced Settings tab and scroll down to the Checkout Settings section.

From there, if you click on the checkbox for "Display your own questions for customers to answer during checkout” you can start the process.

When getting started with custom checkout questions, you can choose between either applying the questions to customers who have any item in their cart or a specific one that you can select.

There are five different types of questions that you can ask during checkout:

  • Short Text Question - Ask your customers any text-based question, and your customers would be able to respond in their own words.
  • Multiple Choice Question - Provide a list of options for customers to select, they can choose multiple options.
  • Yes/No Question - This one’s dead simple. Ask questions to your customers and they can only respond with Yes or No.
  • Dropdown Question - Give a list of options to your customers, and they can only choose one of them.
  • Legal Question - If you have your own terms of service that you’d like customers to consent to before continuing with their purchase, this is the question type to go for. Important note, you’ll need to click the settings button for this question type and click the “Required” checkbox if you’d like customers to be forced to select the “I Agree” option.

How does it look?

How to see custom checkout answers 

To see how your customers have responded to your custom checkout questions, head to Customers and click Export.

In the CSV file that downloads, there'll be a column for "Checkout Responses".

Collect the customer's name

If you want to collect your customer's name at checkout, then no need to set up a custom checkout question - we have a checkbox for that! Under Account > Settings > Advanced Settings > Checkout Settings, simply select the checkbox for "Collect customer first and last name during digital product checkout".

The Checkout Settings area in Payhip

This will add fields for first and last name to your checkout flow, like this:

An example of the checkout form with fields added to collect the customer's first and last name on Payhip

Once you've done this, the name will be stored under the customer's entry on your Customers page (as well as in your customer export CSV). It will also be sent to your email marketing software if you have one linked to Payhip (more on that here: Mailing Lists).

Final notes

Most sellers do not need to ask their customers additional questions during checkout. The more fields that customers are forced to fill out, the more likely it is that they’ll drop out and not complete their purchase.

Custom checkout questions is a wonderful feature, but it should be used with caution ⚠️

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