Verifying Domains

Sometimes you might need to verify the domain you connect to Payhip on third-party services. Each platform provides multiple options for domain verification and here are the methods that work for Payhip specifically on these third-party platforms.

Google Merchant

To verify your site, we suggest using the Google Analytics method. You can refer to the tutorial provided by Google, accessible at this link. Furthermore, here is a guide on how to add your Google Analytics account to Payhip: Google Analytics


Add an HTML tag to your website

Our store builder has the ability for you to add the HTML tag that Pinterest requires. Firstly, launch the store builder, click on Change Store Style on the bottom left, then Advanced, and finally paste your Pinterest HTML tag in the  Header HTML/JS Code Injection field. Make sure to save changes and publish.

Add a DNS TXT record to your domain host

The other option is simply adding a DNS TXT record. You can follow the instructions here under the "Add a DNS TXT record to your domain host" section.


For domain verification on Facebook, it is recommended to utilize the DNS option provided by Facebook. Please refer to this link, specifically the section titled "Update the DNS TXT record with your domain registrar" for detailed instructions.

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