How Do I Get Paid?

On Payhip, you can take payments through PayPal or Stripe. But how exactly does this work?

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Receiving payments 💰

When a customer buys from your Payhip store, the payment is instantly transferred to your PayPal or Stripe account (minus PayPal/Stripe's fees as well as Payhip's fees, which we'll go into below).

The transfer to PayPal/Stripe is instant - you'll get paid after every transaction as it happens.

For a payment taken via PayPal (including credit card payments processed through PayPal), the funds will be deposited to your linked PayPal account.

For a payment taken via Stripe, the funds will be deposited to your linked Stripe account.

If you're not sure which account to check, head to the Customers page of your Payhip dashboard - we include a little badge on there for PayPal vs Stripe.

If you have both PayPal and Stripe linked, then PayPal payments will be processed through PayPal and credit/debit card payments will be processed through Stripe.

PayPal/Stripe fees 

We wish we could send you all of the money, but unfortunately there are some fees.

PayPal's fees are roughly around 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, but vary for international transactions. You can find up to date fees here on PayPal.

These fees apply for both Personal and Business PayPal accounts.

Stripe's fees are also 2.9% + $0.30, but depend on which country you're from. You can visit this page to see what the Stripe fees are for your location.

Payhip fees

Payhip has an absolutely free forever plan that includes our full feature set. However, we do need to take some fees, so on this plan you'll pay a 5% commission for any successful sale on your Payhip store.

This makes sense for if you're just starting out, but what if you're making regular sales? That's where our paid plans come in! For a small monthly fee you can have access to reduced Payhip transaction fees.

For details of our pricing, head to or, if you're currently logged in to Payhip, head to Account > Settings > Billing & Invoices to view our available plans.

Withdrawing money from PayPal

You'll find some instructions for withdrawing from PayPal here: How do I get money out of my PayPal account?

Please note that, by default, PayPal withdrawals need to be manually initiated. To enable automatic payouts, you'll want to switch on auto sweep (available for Premier/Business accounts only).

Withdrawing money from Stripe

Stripe payments will stay as "pending" for a few days. The length of this pending period depends on your location (see here).

Once that period has passed, payouts will be sent to your connected bank account on a daily basis by default. In your Stripe dashboard, you're able to change this to weekly, monthly, or manual. See "Payout schedule" in this article: Receiving payouts.

Payment FAQs

If I refund a payment, do the fees get refunded?

Both Payhip fees and PayPal/Stripe fees will not be returned when you refund a transaction.

Can you hold onto the money for me?

You may be wondering whether Payhip can hold off on sending you the money for each transaction in order to minimize Stripe/PayPal fees. Sadly that isn't possible at this point in time.

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