Add Payhip to Your Website

You don't need your own website to use Payhip. You have a fully dedicated store with us which you can send your customers to.

However, if you already have your own website then you can integrate Payhip into your website.

Direct checkout link

Let's take the example where your product page link is:

The associated checkout link is:

You can use the direct checkout link in a bunch of different ways. For example, you may have a "Buy Now" button on your website. You can link to the direct checkout link with your button so that customers can proceed to checkout directly from your own website.

Embed a button

Another option is to embed a "Buy Now" button on your website. You can copy a snippet of HTML from Payhip, then paste this code into your website. A "Buy Now" button will appear on your webpage. Your website visitors can click on this button to purchase and download directly from your website without ever leaving it.

To get started with embed buttons, visit your "Products" page. Next find the product that you’d like the button to link to, select “Share / Embed”, and then go to the “Embed Button” tab of the modal that appears.

Here you can preview your button, customizing its text, color, and type. There are two types of button that you can create:

Direct Purchase – Will direct the user straight to checkout for the product.
Add to Cart – Will add the product to the user’s cart. They’ll be able to add other products before purchasing.

There are 4 themes available for your button: green, blue, grey and none. If you set the button theme as "none" then the embed button will appear like a simple link - you can then fully customise the design with your own style.

Once you’re done creating your button, click “Get Your Embed Code”. This will give you two snippets of code. Paste the first snippet within the HEAD tag of the page where you’ll be embedding the button. Paste the second snippet wherever you want the button to appear on your page.

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