Add Payhip to Weebly

To sell Payhip products on your Weebly site, we'll guide you through three integration methods:

Please note that our Weebly plugin is no longer up to date, and unfortunately, we cannot offer support for it any longer. The best alternative to integrating Payhip with your Weebly store is to create a Payhip account for free and follow any of the three methods mentioned in this article.

Add Store Link to Weebly

This method lets you add a direct link to your store, and it's the simplest way to integrate Payhip with your website. The process is pretty straightforward and easy to set up in Weebly. 

First, go to the Pages tab in your Weebly editor to create a new page. Next, enter " Shop" or use any name you like for the page name, and paste your Payhip store link into the external link field. Once you're done setting up the new page, make sure to click the "Publish" button to save your changes.

Add Product Link to Weebly

This method lets you add a direct link to a specific product page from your Weebly site.

You can decide how you want to add your Payhip links on your site, whether through buttons or featured products; this is ultimately your choice. Regardless of the method, you will have to utilize Weebly's basic editor functions to add images, buttons, or any other elements you wish to use to customize your site.

In this example, we featured a product that leads customers directly to the product page when clicking on a button.

To set this up, access the "Build" tab within your Weebly editor. From there, select an element called "Buttons." This feature will allow you to insert a button (you can position it wherever you want) and its URL. Additionally, you can customize the text on the button to encourage user action.

If you want to direct customers to your product page on Payhip, click on the "Share / Embed" button on this page: to obtain the product page link. 

However, if you prefer to direct your customers to a checkout page to prompt payment, please refer to this article for instructions on how to create the necessary URLs: Direct Checkout Link.

Embed Payhip Buttons on Weebly

This method lets you embed Payhip's cart system on your Weebly site.

You can choose between two button options when embedding Payhip:

  1. Direct Purchase – A simple button where the buyer will redirect your customers to checkout for a specific product.
  2. Add to Cart – This button allows you to have a fully functioning cart on your website that allows buyers to buy multiple items.

After you've finished designing your button, click the "Get Your Embed Code" button to produce two pieces of code (Step 1 and Step 2).

Step 1: You need to insert this JavaScript code into the header of your Weebly site. To accomplish this, navigate to the "Settings" in your Weebly dashboard and access the SEO tab. Within the Header Code section, paste the JavaScript code, which it will enable the cart system to function seamlessly on all pages of your site.

Step 2: You will need to use Weebly's basic features and select the "Embed Code" option. This will allow you to input the generated code to showcase the Payhip buttons. In this example, we selected the "Add to Cart" button type, enabling you to embed Payhip's cart system.

If you were able to embed the codes successfully, clicking the " Add to Cart" button will add the product to the customer's cart and showcase the cart system on the side.

When your customer is ready to complete their purchase, they can proceed to checkout and pay for the product without leaving your Weebly site.

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