How to View EPUB/MOBI Files

If you have purchased an eBook there is a chance that the file you have received is not a PDF. If this is the case, you would have likely been sent either an EPUB or MOBI file. There are a few ways to open these files on your computer/device but these are the programs we would recommend.

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View EPUB files on Windows

If you want to open your EPUB file on Windows, we recommend using Calibre. It is free-to-use software that also works as a library management tool, can convert your eBooks to different formats and can even sync your different eBook devices. You can download it here.

Screenshot of Calibre, recommended for viewing EPUBs on Windows

View EPUB files on Mac or iOS

To open your EPUB file on Mac or iOS, you can simply use your already installed Apple Books/iBooks application. It is fast, efficient and simple to use. If you haven't got it for some reason, you can download it here.

Screenshot of iBooks, recommended app for viewing EPUB files on Mac/iOS

View EPUB files on Android

If you want to open your EPUB file on Android, we recommend Google Play Books. Get it here.

View MOBI files on any device type

Lastly, if you want to open your MOBI files we recommend using FBReader as well as it works on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

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