Download an EPUB file on iOS or Android

Bought an EPUB file that you'd like to view on your mobile device? Read on for instructions on how to do that.

Download an EPUB on Android

Before getting started, make sure you have the Google Play Books app installed on your device. Then head to your download page and click to download the file.

Then click Open to automatically open the file in Play Books.

Downloading an EPUB file on Android

You can also locate the file in your downloads folder by looking in My Files/File Manager.

Download an EPUB on iOS

If you want to download EPUBs on iOS, the process is similar to downloading to an Android device. You'll need to have Apple Books installed if you haven't already.

After you've downloaded the file, you'll want to open it up on your device by tapping the blue down arrow icon at the top right of the screen and then selecting the file that you'd like to open.

The blue down arrow on iOS

This will automatically open up and save the file for you in Apple Books.

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