Taking pre-orders is a great way to build excitement around your product launches. It also helps you to validate whether there's a market for your product. Try launching your product ahead of time to see how many people out there will find it useful.

Whilst Payhip currently doesn’t have a pre-order feature available, due to the number of requests for it that we have received, it is definitely on its way! There is, however, a workaround solution that might work for you in the meantime, which we'll cover in this article.

Taking pre-orders

Our suggestion for taking pre-orders is to upload a placeholder file as a product that you can "pre-sell".

To set that up, head to Products, click + Add new product and select the type of product that you'd like to create.

Select a product type

For digital products, rather than attaching the actual product; you can add a simple text file or a PDF saying something along the lines of “Thanks for purchasing this product, it will be sent to you on October 1st".

Pre-launch file

When the launch date arrives (e.g. the 1st of October), you can add the real product by going back to your Products page and clicking Edit. Then select to Delete your pre-launch file and upload the finished product. Be sure to hit Save Changes at the bottom of the page when you're done.

Lastly, you can send an email update to your customers with the download link available. More information about that here: Email Updates

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