Set up Recurring Payments

In this article, we will walk you through how recurring payments can be set up on Payhip.

Please note that the recurring payment option is currently limited to bundles, memberships, courses, and coaching products and is only available when Stripe is enabled as the payment processor.


The first step when setting up recurring payments is to define the details of your plan, including the billing amount and frequency of payments (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually). This approach is often used for subscriptions, memberships, or any other services that require regular payments.

To activate a free trial period, you will be asked to specify the duration of the trial in days. This determines how long your customers can explore the product without incurring charges. Additionally, if you wish to establish a custom payment for the first payment period of the subscription, you can enable it during setup as well. Please note that the amount for the custom first subscription payment needs to be greater than the default subscription price.

Payment Plan

When it comes to setting a payment plan, you need to specify the total number of payments and the amount due for each month. This approach can make larger purchases more accessible for your customers as it breaks down the total cost into smaller, more manageable installments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I update the price of an existing plan?

Customers are actually locked in with the price they originally signed up for until they cancel. If you plan on updating the membership prices in the future, you can simply hide the old plan by clicking the "Delete plan" option and then create a new plan for future customers.

Will deleting a plan result in the cancellation of my customer's subscription?

"Deleting" a plan will simply hide the plan from your sales page. Additionally, it will continue to charge your customers the original price per month, and this will not cancel or affect their subscription in any way.

What occurs in the event of a failed payment?

There is an automatic payment retry process for failed or past-due transactions.

If a payment has failed, the customer would be sent an email letting them know about the situation. We will send three emails over the course of 20 days to notify them that they will immediately lose access to their product if they don't take any action to address the failed payment. Their subscription will be automatically cancelled should there be no actions taken within that period.

Will my customer lose access upon cancellation of their subscription?

Yes, your customer will immediately lose access the moment they cancel their subscription with you. At this time, we don't prorate or take into account any remaining days of their paid subscription, as the cancellation is promptly and automatically processed.

Can the customer cancel their payment plan?

Customers will not be able to cancel their subscriptions while they are on a payment plan. Once they have committed to a payment plan, they are obligated to fulfill your payment terms.

For how long do payment plan customers retain access?

Customers on a payment plan get lifetime access to their purchases even after completing their payments. If you wish to limit access after a specific duration or once payments are fulfilled, this would need to be manually managed by following the steps here.

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