Zoom Integration

This guide will you through the process of seamlessly integrating Zoom with Payhip for your coaching clients.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a widely-used video conferencing tool that enables you to host virtual meetings, webinars, and online sessions. With Zoom integrated into Payhip, you can conveniently conduct your sessions within your own private meeting space.

Integrating Zoom

Integrating Zoom with Payhip is a straightforward process. Simply copy your meeting URL and paste it while setting up milestones for your client. This creates a button that guides your clients to the Zoom meeting room where they can readily participate in your sessions.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Head over to the page where you manage your coaching product
  2. Open the "Clients" tab and click on "Enrollments" to view your list of enrolled students
  3. Select a client and hit the "Go to coaching" button – you’ll see the milestones.
  4. From there, click on "Create Milestone" and fill in the details required
  5. Use the "Add a Meeting" button to input your meeting URL and time
  6. Once done, click the "Create Milestone" button at the bottom of the page

Although our integration directly supports Zoom, feel free to choose any preferred application and seamlessly integrate it by pasting its link.

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