Membership Notification Emails


It can be a great idea to let your membership members know when you've published a new post. We'll be able to email them letting them know that there's a new post waiting for them to see.

How To Setup

  • Visit your manage membership page
  • Click on the Settings link shown in the black menu bar
  • You'll be taken to the membership basic settings page
  • Scroll down to the Advanced options section
  • Check the Send notification emails to your members when a post is published checkbox
  • Save your change


  • Notification emails aren't sent instantly to your members when you've published a post. It could take up to a few hours but it's usually completed within 1 hour.
  • If you publish more than one membership post within 24 hours, then we'll only send a single notification email to your members. Nobody likes to receive too many emails, so we've limited members to only be able to receive a single notification email each day.
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