Followers and Subscribers

In this article, we will explore what followers are and what subscribers are. 

What are Followers?

Followers are people who have subscribed to receive updates from you using the "Follow" button of your About Me section or by clicking "Subscribe" if you include a Newsletter section in your store.

Please note that followers aren't automatically added to your mailing list. Instead, they are collected under the Followers tab of your dashboard. You can export this list of followers for import into your email software. For information on how to capture emails and have them automatically go to your email software, please see this article: Newsletters

What are Subscribers?

Subscribers are specifically people who've signed up for one of your subscription, coaching, and course products. They have their own login page and have the option to opt-in or out of the product updates and offers via email. They can also come back at any time to access the content and manage their subscription.

To manage users who have signed up for one of your subscriptions/memberships, you can go to “Customers” > “Subscribers”. Here you’ll see a list of subscribers and their details.

This list can be exported as a CSV file for easy reporting and uploaded into your email marketing software, or any other software that you use to keep track of your customers. You can click on the “…” button to view the customer’s billing history and cancel their subscription if you need to.

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