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How do my customers receive their digital products

Payhip automatically sends your customers an email receipt right after a successful purchase. The email includes a unique link for your customers to download the content that they’ve purchased, and for them to generate an invoice if they need one. 

You can customize the content and subject line of the email receipt that your customers receive. Follow this guideline to learn more: Email Receipts

Please note that your customers' email receipt will include your email address. Your customers will be able to contact you through this email if they have any questions.

When a customer purchases a digital product from my store, do I get notified?

Yes, Payhip sends an email notification to your registered email address when a customer completes a purchase. In this email, you can see what product was bought, how much your customer has paid for the product, and if coupons were used in the purchase. You can learn more about the order by clicking the View Order Details in Payhip button.

My digital products are missing. What do I do?

If you have not uploaded any digital files on your product listing and/or have removed the digital files from your product listing, your customers will not get any downloadable content in their email receipts when they purchase the product. 

To fix this, head to your Products page and click Edit for that product to upload the file. Afterward, be sure to hit Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

My customer did not receive an email receipt. What happened?

It's possible that your customer entered the wrong email address or had a typo during checkout. To verify this, head over to your Customers page to check your transactions. 

From there, you're able to edit your customer's email address by clicking the "..." button. A pop-up will appear where you can enter the correct email address and have the option to resend the email receipt to your customer.

It's also possible that the email receipt landed in the customer's spam folder. Please ask them to check their spam folderand search for any emails coming from

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