Add an Announcement Bar to Your Store

Have you got a special message that you want to promote to your customers? If so, the announcement bar is the feature for you!

This announcement bar enables you to add a banner to the top of your store:

A screenshot showing an example of an announcement bar

In this article:

How to add an announcement bar


To add an announcement bar to your store, first launch the Store Builder.

Once you're in the Store Builder, click Header > Announcement Bar.

A screenshot showing how to navigate to the Announcement Bar section in Payhip's store builder

Now you're ready to set it up! Let's go through the options that you'll see:

The setup page for the announcement bar in Payhip's store builder

1. Show announcement - Use this to toggle the announcement bar on/off.

2. Home page only - Select this checkbox if you want the announcement bar to only show on your store homepage. (By default it will appear on all pages)

3. Text - This is where you enter the message that you want to display to your customers.

4. Link - Use this to link the announcement bar to a specific page on your store or an external URL.

Once you're done, be sure to Publish your changes and that's it! Your announcement bar will now appear on your store.

Customize the look of the announcement bar

Change the color

To customize the color of your announcement bar, open the Store Builder and click Change Store Style > Colors > Start Editing Your Colors. Then click on the announcement bar to open up its color settings.


Change the font

If you want to change the font of your announcement bar, open the Store Builder and click Change Store Style > Fonts.

The announcement bar by default is synchronized with the "Miscellaneous" font type. To edit this font type click Miscellaneous. (Note that this will change lots of the text around your store).

Screenshot showing the miscellaneous font type in the store builder

To change just the announcement bar, click on the announcement bar in the preview page and choose Custom for Synchronize with font.

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