Upgrade Discount

How do upgrade discounts work?

Let’s say you have two products – “The Hounds of Baskerville” and “A Study in Scarlet”. If a customer successfully completes a transaction for the product “The Hounds of Baskerville” then you can prompt them make another transaction and buy “A Study in Scarlet” with a special discount to thank them for their previous purchase.

If customers don’t want to redeem the upgrade discount then and there, their email receipt will also include this offer so that they can revisit it at a later date.


Why should I setup an upgrade discount?

Rewarding customers who’ve previously purchased one of your products is an awesome way to build a great relationship with your customers. They’ll receive a special discount for other items in your store as a thank you for previously purchasing.

The incentive to receive a discount for other items in your store may also convince customers who wouldn’t have otherwise continued shopping to reconsider.

How do I set it up?

Visit your “Marketing” page, click on the “Upgrade” tab and then click on the “Add Upgrade” button to add your first upgrade. You’ll see two steps:

Step 1 – Select the product you’d like to be the “trigger product” for the upgrade. This is the product which when purchased by a customer, then gets the ball rolling.

Step 2 – For the above trigger product, select the “promoted products” that you’d like to be associated with it. So lets say a customer purchases a particular product, the promoted products are the products which are prompted to the buyer for them to consider buying as well, along with a discount for each.

Advanced Options – There are two advanced options. If you’d like to restrict the upgrade by a particular time period then you can check the “Upgrade discounts should be restricted by date” checkbox. If you check the “Customise message show to customers who have upgrade available” checkbox then you can edit the message that buyers see from here.


Can I use upgrades with previous customers?

Things are great for new customers, but let’s say you’ve had customers in the past who’ve purchased “The Hounds of Baskerville” and you want them to be notified that they have a special discount available if they also purchase “A Study in Scarlet”. What can you do?

The first thing to do is to send out an email update to your customers. Make sure you include [download_link] in your message so that customers can see their unique download page link.

Customers would receive this email and be able to visit their unique download page, they will now see the message “As a thank you for purchasing, you’ve received a special discount – learn more”. When they click on the learn more link, they’ll be shown a page with all their upgrade discounts which they can instantly redeem.


As a security measure, if we’re not able to automatically detect that the customer is allowed to see that discount page we prompt them to provide the email address which they used for the transaction. A confirmation link is then sent to the customer which when clicked will automatically apply the upgrade discounts for them.

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