Social Discounts

Social discounts allow you to incentivize people to share your product on Facebook by offering them a discount on the price of the product if they do.

Add a social discount

To start adding a social discount for your product, first visit your “Marketing” page.

Once you’ve clicked on the “Add Social Discount” button, a box will appear as shown below:

From the dropdown box, select the product you would like to attach the social discount to. Following this, choose the percentage off you would like your customers to have if they share your product on Facebook.

Once you’re finished, simply click on the “Create Social Discount” button and your social discount will be created!

What customers will see

Now when somebody visits your product page they’ll see the option to “Share and get X% off”. If they click on this button, then it will bring up a modal with the option to share the product on Facebook. Once they’ve done this, the product page will update with the new price.

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