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You can hide digital products from the main store page where all your products are listed.

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How to hide a digital or physical product

To hide a digital or physical product, go to Products and click the Edit button next to the product you want to hide. Scroll down to the Visibility section, and you'll see three options:

  • Visible - Everyone can see this product.
  • Invisible - Nobody except you can see this product.
  • Unlisted - Only people who know the direct link to this product can see it. It won't be listed alongside other products in your store.

Choose which setting you'd like and hit Save Changes to update the product visibility.

How to hide a course, membership, or bundles

To hide these products from your store, go to Products and click the Manage button, then make your way to the Publish tab. From there, you can select the following options depending on how you want your customers to see and access your products:

  • Draft - Nobody can sign up or purchase your course, membership, or bundle.
  • Preorder - The product is available for purchase, although the content is not yet accessible.
  • Published - People can purchase, enroll in, and access the content of your products.

Please note that the "Preorder" publish status is only limited to course products at this time.

How to hide a coaching product

To hide a coaching product, go to  Products and click the Manage button. This should automatically land you in the Information tab, where you'll see the Visibility settings.

Uses for hidden products

Use Invisible to completely remove a product from your store. This is useful, for example, if the product is temporarily unavailable.

Use Unlisted when you still want the product available for sale but want to remove it from your main store page and collection pages. This comes in handy if there's a product that you only want to offer to a certain group of people - simply give out the direct product link to anyone you want to have access to, and that's it!

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