Add a Subscription or Membership

Creating subscriptions is a two-step process. First, you’ll need to specify the details of the subscription and then you can add one or many plans to that subscription.

To get started with adding a subscription product, firstly visit your Products page and click on the Add new product button. Then click Show more followed by the Subscription Billing option.

Adding a subscription/membership on Payhip

You will need to connect a Stripe account before you can add a subscription.

Add a subscription

Choose a name for your subscription and then type a brief description to explain what the subscription is all about.

The Add New Subscription screen on Payhip

Now you’re ready to add your plan(s).

Add a plan

To add a plan, you’ll need to provide the following information:

Plan name – A name for the plan.

Recurring price – The amount that subscribers will be charged on a recurring basis.

Interval – How often subscribers will be charged. This can be either monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months, yearly, or a custom period of time. Please note that a custom interval cannot exceed 1 year.

Description – A description for the plan. Again, try to keep this short.

Trial period – You can choose to add a free trial period to your subscription, meaning that customers won’t be charged for the first time until X number of days after subscribing.

Assign products – You can give the customer access to any of the digital products that you’ve added when they sign up for your plan.

Adding a pricing plan to a subscription on Payhip

Once all the above is done, you can finally click on the Add subscription button at the bottom of the page. Your subscription will be created and you'll be able to start getting subscribers right away. For an example of what a subscribers account looks like, please see below:

An example of the subscriber's area on Payhip
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