The Payhip marketplace will be the perfect place for you to share your work with the world. It recommends your products to prospective customers outside of your existing following. Helping more people discover your work.

We will be releasing the marketplace shortly, but you can get started with submitting your products.

How to submit

To submit your products to the marketplace please take the following steps:
  • Visit your edit product page
  • Click the Category & Tags tab
  • Select the category that you'd like your product to be listed under

Marketplace pricing

There is no additional fee for sales from the marketplace. You'll continue to be charged the usual Payhip fee for transactions.

Marketplace eligibility

For your store to be eligible to be listed on the marketplace you would need to meet the following criteria: 
  • Have made at least $10 in total sales
  • Our accounts team has reviewed your store

The next stage would then be for your individual products to be approved.


To stay on top of the approval process for your products please visit your Products page and then click on the Marketplace button

You would then see if we listed your product on the marketplace, and if not the reason your product was not approved.

We aim to complete the approval process within 10 days of submission, but may take longer in some cases.

At the moment we can only support digital products on the marketplace. We plan to work on support for the other product types in future but will take some time.


Tagging helps customers easily find your products through search and other discovery areas. So it's a good idea to include tags along with your products. Please visit your edit product page and then click on the Category & Tags tab to get started. 



We'd love to get your feedback about the marketplace and hear which direction you'd like it to take. Please email with your thoughts and ideas - we're here to help!

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