Refund Request

Had a charge from Payhip and not sure why? Payhip is a platform that allows creators to sell digital files, courses, memberships, and other products through their own branded store; so it’s likely that you bought something from one of our customers’ stores at some point.

If this purchase was made in error and you’d like a refund then you are able to contact the owner of the store. This article will show you how. 

Request a refund

If you purchased something from a Payhip store then you will have been sent an email receipt, so you can search your email for “Payhip”. The seller’s email address will be at the bottom of the receipt, like this:

A screenshot of en example receipt from Payhip with the cursor hovering over the seller's email address

You can use that to send an email to the seller to request a refund. Or, if you remember what you bought, you can access it from this email.

Refunds are handled between the seller and the buyer - Payhip is not able to refund you. Please note that each store will have their own refund policy and, if you have already accessed/downloaded the product they may choose not to refund you.

If you found the email receipt but still don’t recognize the charge, then you should open a dispute with your bank or PayPal.

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