Blocking Countries


For sales tax purposes you might want to block certain countries from purchasing from you. This is possible through the country blocking manager. It will let you block countries and even specific US states from completing the checkout process on your store.

How do I find the country blocking manager?

Please take the following steps:

  • Visit your Settings page
  • Click on the Advanced Settings tab
  • Scroll down to the Checkout Settings section

You'll see the following message "You can block specific countries from purchasing from you by visiting this page"

Please click that link to be taken to the country blocking manager

How does it work?

From your country blocking page please click on the Add country to blocked list button

A modal will appear promoting you to choose the countries you would like to block

What would blocked visitors see?

If a visitor from a blocked country goes to your checkout page then they would see something like below

The above message is just an example, you'll be able to edit the message from your blocked country manager

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