Gifting lets your customers purchase a product for one of their friends. The gifting recipient would receive an email automatically after purchase letting them know they've been gifted and the link to their download page.

How To Enable Gifting

Please visit your Settings page and then click on the Advanced Settings tab. Scroll down to the Checkout Settings section and then check the "Enable gifting for digital products" checkbox.

Gifting Process

On the checkout page there will be a "Give as a gift" checkbox that customers can check

When a customer checks that checkbox the following fields will be shown:

The gift recipient will then be sent an email explaining who sent them the gift, and the message the sender included. Along with the download page link they can use to download.


  • When gifting is enabled, the checkout page for digital products would always require that the customer provides their first and last name. This is so that if the customer wants to gift the purchase then the gifting recipient knows who to thank.
  • Gifting is currently only available with digital products
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