Customer Accounts


Customer accounts allow your customers to view all their purchased products from one place. They can login at any time and get access to their products.

How Would Customers Register?

 Customers would need to click on the account icon that appears on your header

Customers will then be taken to the login page, and will be shown a Create Account link.

What Would Checkout Look Like?

When the customer is not logged into their account and visits the checkout page, they would see something like below:

When the customer is logged into their account, the checkout would turn to the below structure:

Migration Process

Let's say you have customers who have purchased lots of products from you in the past, but would now like to associate those older products with their newly created customer account.

They can do this by visiting one of their old download pages, then they'll see a light blue box there asking them to add this product to their customer account.

The customer would need to click on the above Get Started button, login to their customer account and then finally confirm the email address used with the transaction.

We will then be able to migrate their previously purchased products with that email address into their new customer account.

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