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Payhip places cookies on the browsers of your store visitors. This assists in running your store effectively and giving visitors a better experience - helping you get more information about the traffic to your store.

The laws in some countries could require store visitors to be notified about the cookies placed on their browsers and to give consent to using certain types of cookies (such as non-essential ones). On your store you can:

  • Show a cookie banner to let store visitors know about the cookies and for them to accept

  • Prevent analytics cookies being set before the visitor has consented

  • Entirely disable analytic cookies being set in all cases

To learn more about how Payhip uses cookies please see our cookies policy.

Adding The Cookie Banner

Here are the steps to adding the cookie banner to your store:

  • Visit your store builder
  • Click on the Change store style button
  • Click on the Cookie banner link
  • For the field Inform visitors site uses cookies select the option Yes

Additionally you can customize the banner format, position, theme and call to action type.

How To Preview The Cookie Banner

The best way to preview the cookie banner is to open your browser in incognito mode and then the cookie banner will be displayed there (so long as it's been enabled).

Prevent Analytics Cookies Until Visitor Consents

To stop Payhip from tracking analytics until the store visitor has consented to cookies, you can take the following steps:

  • From the store builder enable the cookie banner
  • For the field Disable analytics cookies that give you accurate site traffic data select the option Yes

If you'd like to stop analytics cookies being set in all cases, regardless of if the visitor consented then for the option Disable analytics tracking even when users accept cookies select the option Yes.

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