Course Certificates


Certificates let you reward students who successfully complete a course. They'll be able to download a PDF certifying that they completed all the requirements for the course.

We've also made it super easy to customise how certificates look with 7 themes available - and fully editable colors, fonts, background images and you can even place your own logo on the certificate.

Getting Started

Visit your manage course page and then click on the Certificates link shown on the top black menu bar.

Next on your certificates page click on the Add First Certificate button.


On the add certificate page you'll see three tabs. "Theme", "Content" and "Design".

From the  "Theme" tab you can choose between 7 available themes, they have different layouts/designs and you'll be able to select the one which suits your branding.

The "Content" tab lets you customise all the wording shown on the certificate so that it reads just right.

Finally on the "Design" tab you can edit the font, colors and additionally choose your own background image and logo to be applied to the certificate.

When you've saved the certificate, you then proceed to adding courses to associate with the certificate. Please note, each course can only be associated with one certificate.

How Would It Look Like For Students

From the course player page when a students clicks on the Complete & Continue button for their final lesson - they'll see the following:

Additionally your students will also have access to their certificates from their student settings page. This page lists all the certificates they were issued in one place.

Important Notes

  • Certificate background images and logos can have a maximum file size of 4MB
  • If you assign a certificate to a course with existing students, then those existing students who already have completed the course will not be able to get a certificate
  • Currently we can only support English characters in certificates, we'll be working on non-English character support in future
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