Customer Reviews

Enabling customer reviews

The very first thing you'll need to do is to enable customer reviews for your store.

Visit your "Products" page and click on the "Reviews" button. On your reviews page you can click on the "Settings" button and finally check the "Enable Customer Reviews" checkbox.

You'll notice a few more options on the reviews settings page:

  • Post Purchase Review Requests — You can email your customers a message asking them to leave a review for the products they purchased. For example, 14 days after purchase customers can be sent an email prompting them to review. You can edit the email subject, message and waiting period.
  • Auto Publish Reviews — Usually you would need to manually approve which reviews appear on your store but you can also opt to automatically publish reviews each time they're submitted.
  • Daily & Weekly Digest Emails — You can choose to setup a daily/weekly reminder email of new reviews that are submitted for your store. This gives you a heads up about pending reviews that require your attention.

How do reviews look on product pages?


How do I moderate customer reviews?

Visit your "Products" page and click on the "Reviews" button. You'll be take to the review moderation page. From here you'll be able to publish or reject customer reviews.

How do customers submit reviews for digital products?

The customers download page provides a link where they can submit a rating and review for your product. It's also possible for customers to revisit their download page in future and edit their rating/review.


Enabling customer reviews for courses, memberships and coaching products

If you would like to enable reviews for courses, memberships and coaching products please visit your reviews settings page and check the product types as shown below:

Including the customer reviews section on the sales page for courses, memberships and coaching products

Please visit your store builder and navigate to the sales page then take the steps shown below:

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