Conversion Rate

Under “Analytics” on your admin dashboard you’re able to see your conversion rate. That is, of the people who’ve visited your Payhip site, what percentage of them have gone on to start and/or complete checkout. This gives you an idea of how well your marketing is working and whether you need to make any tweaks to get a higher conversion rate.

Underneath your conversion rate you’ll see three different numbers.

Here’s what they mean (these numbers will include free products as well as paid ones):

Views – The number of views that your store page and product pages have had.

Started checkout – Of those views, how many people went on to start the checkout process (this is triggered when the user clicks the “Buy” or “Download” button).

Completed checkout – Of those who started checkout, how many people went on to complete the checkout process; i.e. made a successful payment or entered a valid email to download the product.

Key note

Your views don’t get counted if you are logged into your account.
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